Hey, what's up? Name's Katherine but you can call me Kathy. I'm 21 and live in England, have done since I was born. I'm currently a Student at Canterbury College and I hope to one day move to London and attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

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One time, at college, a guy I liked said “you should go back to being skinny. You were hot when you were skinny” and I’ve honestly never recovered from it.

Rant. 454743689031

It really bothers me when people tell me I should grow up. I am grown up, I’m not going to get young over night.
You see….in January I go into my 20s, my brother and a few friends keep telling me to stop watching anime, get off my arse, loose some weight and get on with my life.

I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to those people.

Yes, I’m getting older, yes, I act childish but it’s because I don’t want to be tied down like you.

I’m okay with being over weight, I’d rather have a pizza then a salad. Not my fault if you dislike this.
I’m alright with not being in a relationship. I don’t feel the need to have one.
I like anime, always have and always will, I don’t moan at you for watching you enjoy so why moan at me for watching something I enjoy?

Why can’t you just accept I’d rather be fat, single, dating a fictional character while squealing over anime. Maybe have a few cats?

I’m just happy this way.

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